Leave Your Burdens Here, Series II

It’s been a while back when I wrote one of my very first blogs, titled “Leave Your Burdens Here” and at the end of it, I promised to do a follow-up, and write similar blog, series II. I wanted to do a little exercise, in which you will pick the basket you are drawn to and mentally release your burden into the basket of your choice. I will reveal to you the message about your burden in the tarot reading, at the end of my blog.

At the time when I wrote my blog, in March/April this year, I didn’t know what I know now. I encourage you to read the first blog, by pressing here, although it is not required. It will just further emphasize the importance of releasing anything in life that no longer serves us. Don’t hang on to anything, that doesn’t feel authentic, for the fear that if you let it go, you will be surrounded by void, emptiness and nothing better will come back to you. This act of releasing and purging reminds me of the basic body function, ahem. Emotional cleansing is just as important as physical one, and while at it, you may even flush it, and wave good bye to that shitty energy you felt all around you. You will feel so much better after the ritual of releasing, but it will take time to process it before you feel you entered a new timeline.

When I wrote my first blog on releasing the burdens, the installation came to my mind called “Release”, which I originally saw at the Glenbow Museum in Calgary many moons ago, but it made big impression on me. I felt, in the light of my own personal experiences, it was great opportunity to revisit the concept of burden baskets.

Here is a brief synopsis of “Release” exhibition at the Glenbow Museum. It was a unique installation of the burden baskets and containers from various Indigenous cultures, and came from different parts of the world, such as: Peru, Brazil, United States, Columbia and Canada. The “burden baskets” were used for all sort of functions in the history, but mainly to carry heavy things – wood, water, food or babies, even moss used as diapers.

“Release” exhibition was an attempt to look at the nature of the burden from a physical point of view as well as metaphoric presence and then letting it go. Sophia Isajiw – an artist involved in this installation has researched the history of the baskets, collected them and displayed for public viewing. In doing so, she attempted to disclose the old tradition of releasing a burden, practised by Indigenous cultures and hoped modern society could learn something valuable from it.

In number of readings about traditional burden baskets, Isajiw learnt, these containers were constructed to carry as much of a burden as the bearer could handle, leaving hands free to pick up berries and other necessities.

In her artist’s statement, Isajiw says: “through them (the baskets), I hoped to set up a certain vibration for the transformation I wanted to achieve within the work: a gesture of releasing the weight and acknowledging the gift in every burden. This is the dual nature of burdens.”

The baskets chosen for an installation represented number of topics – spirituality, transformation and renewal.

So, interestingly, I have learned we can only carry as much burden on our shoulders as we can handle. This was great metaphor of physical burden versus emotional and ties nicely, with what I wanted to discuss here; letting go of that bad relationship, of that annoying friend who only takes from you, of the job that doesn’t pay your bills, etc. I am not suggesting that you should dump your significant other, because you had a fight this morning over a spilt milk. You should never just quit the job, either, but if it isn’t working for you, you may look deeper within and find something more satisfying.

Letting go, doesn’t mean cutting all ties at once, but it’s about releasing the situation, looking for solutions, making decisions. You may decide, it is time to have serious talk with someone, to save the connection; or you may decide to completely let it go, and let it come back to you healed, whether it is in the same form or a new one.

In releasing the burden, certain alchemy takes place, and the energy gets transformed into a new one, that’s so called dual nature of burdens. There is a gift in every burden.

I wrote in my first blog, that the gift I received from carrying and releasing my burden manifested itself in getting in touch with my Higher Self and remembering my own gifts, talents and sharing them with the world. It’s when I started writing this blog and I feel this is only the beginning of the journey. In the last six months, I am being drawn to tarot readings and wanted to explore it further. I will keep it brief for now, and expand in the future why I chose this path, as it is tied in to the journey with my person.

Please spend the time with these three baskets, and pick the one you are drawn to, the most. The answer to your burden will be revealed at the end of this essay.

So, by now, you have already picked the burden basket you are drawn to. Please, go to the reading numbered below, and find your reading. I will reveal the message to you below, about the issue, problem, relationship, whatever your situation is. This is collective reading, and it needs to be treated as entertainment. If the reading resonates with you, then great, leave a comment below. Take from the reading what resonates and leave out what doesn’t. I handpicked the cards personally, by tapping individually to the energies of these burden baskets.

Number # 1

Reading# 1:

Past/Situation: Page of Pentacles in the reverse: You may be afraid of taking the next step, worried that you do not have the skills to be successful. You are procrastinating and holding back from making your dreams come true.

Present/Problem: Three of Wands in the upright position: Get out of your comfort zone and explore new opportunities for growth and development. Cover new ground and expand your horizon.

Future/Action: Ace of Cups in the upright position: You are filled with happiness, joy, and bliss. Creative opportunities are abundant. There may be new love, friendships, or even projects available to you now.

Interpretation: Pentacles have to do with physical reality. The energy of the first card, Page of Pentacles in the reverse, suggests to me that you have been dreaming of something big, but fears and doubts are holding you back. Trust that you have what you need now, and the rest will develop as you progress. It ties really nicely with the second card: Three of Wands, it is encouraging card to move forward with you dreams, take a leap of faith and move beyond the comfort zone. The third card is even more promising, and it suggests that, you just need little bit of encouragement, you are on the right path, victory is awaiting. You will manifest what your desire, whether it is creative project or business venture.

Cup symbolizes emotions (love relationships), but also art (creativity), and in this reading I sense it has to do with your career, perhaps you want to dive into creative project, entrepreneurial venture, and fear is holding you back. Trust your instincts, and believe, you will manifest your dream.

Number # 2

Reading #2:

Past/Situation: Five of Cups in reverse: It’s time to move on. What has happened can’t be changed. Let go of what no longer serves you emotionally, and open up to the new opportunities available to you.

Present/Problem: Queen of Pentacles in reverse: You need to strike a balance between your work and family commitments so that you are not over-investing in one or the other. Ground yourself. Come back to what is truly important to you and honour that.

Future/Action: Four of Cups in reverse: You are withdrawn from your external environment, feeling uninspired, disillusioned, or disappointed. Refocus what inspires you.

Interpretation: In our current life, we experience time as linear, past present and future, but time is an illusion. What has gone by five minutes ago, already belongs to the past, and future is a concept made up by our mind. It appears from the reading, you have been withdrawn from the present moment, something has ended, possibly abruptly and unexpectedly, and you have hard time to come to terms with it, constantly replaying in your mind, what could have been. The suit of cup suggests a relationship with a significant other, a valued friend, confidant, lover. This situation has created your further withdrawal from your family and people around you and you don’t seem to see the light at the end of the tunnel just yet, there is lack of joy. You need to refocus, let it go, and find new inspiration, so you can move forward and enjoy other connections with people around you. New inspiration will give you new life purpose.

When I drew these cards at first, they all came in reverse and I felt hesitant, that perhaps, I just had all my deck of cards upside down, but that wasn’t the case, and I can see how this makes sense in this reading. The energy feels stuck, you need to unstuck yourself, spend some time in nature, find your bliss.

I feel in this reading, your life has been upside down due to the recent event and apart from heartache you are experiencing due to a break up, it has created additional burden, possibly arguments with family members, and tension. I feel you need to collect yourself and focus on your family, to connect with them. Focusing on people in our lives will strengthen your soul healing.

Number # 3


Past/Situation: Death in reverse: You are experiencing deep inner change, letting go of an aspect of yourself that is no longer serving you and making way for something greater. Do not resist change.

Present/Problem: The Hanged Man in upright position: If you are feeling stuck and in limbo, surrender to the process. Trust that this period of pause is for you Highest Good. What new perspective are becoming visible to you?

Future/Action: The Star in upright position: This is powerful time for inspired action, channelled through your authentic self. Be open to possibility and stay true to yourself. Have faith and trust in the Universe, and you will share in its gifts and blessings.

Interpretation: I feel this is powerful reading here, and it is revolves around some major event in your life, because all three cards represent Major Arcana. So, it depends on the individual here, it could reference major relationship, such as marriage, birth of the child, expanding family, or important decision about long term career, business opportunities.

Death card does not imply physical death, but the end of something significant and central in your life, some major development and changes. The card in reverse suggests, you are having really hard time letting it go. The next card of Hanged Man makes a lot of sense, next to Death card in reverse, because the change created big void in your life and you can’t quite see what’s new on the horizon. It’s important to keep your mind positive. The Star card is very positive card, and I feel that although you are in this uncomfortable void zone, feeling like you just have lost identity, you will emerge victorious from it. You have the right attitude and you will pull through it. This isn’t just about survival, something big is coming. Make a wish and believe in it, and it will come true.

Please, leave me a feedback in the comments below the blog. Did the reading resonate with you? It doesn’t matter when you read it, whether you read it now or five years from today. If you are reading it now and it resonates, this message is for you.

Published by Marianna Maliszewska

“I cannot live without love. Love is at the root of my being.”― Anaïs Nin.

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