Childhood Memories And How They Shaped Me.

I am sure you have heard about ageism. It is how we view other people by stereotyping them and discriminating certain groups based on their age. I know I am guilty of doing this myself, since the earliest time I remember. I think I was about five or six years old when I started developingContinue reading “Childhood Memories And How They Shaped Me.”

Love Is Forever.

If It’s Not Forever it’s Not Love Durjoy Datta & Nikita Singh It has really started with the photo and a quote of Leo Tolstoy, which I saw the other day on social media, that made me think about the subject of love. It drew my attention, it was reminding me that when we loveContinue reading “Love Is Forever.”

Twin Flame Love

I am at the least romantic place.Sitting outside by Timmy Horton’s,Eating perfectly baked donut,Soaked in butter.I am getting fat on low vibration Sugar glazed, flour made apple fritter.But look at Van Gogh’s “Potato Eaters”.No broccoli dish in sight.Family gathered at the dinner table Under the dimmed oil lamp.Dressed in simple, yet clean clothes.The woman isContinue reading “Twin Flame Love”

Love In The Time Of COVID-19. Online Dating, Alias Construct

I will begin this blog with the entry from Anais Nin’s journal: I am lonely, yet not everybody will do. I don’t know why some people fill the gaps and others emphasize my loneliness. In reality those who satisfy me are those who simply allow me to live with the “idea of them” Anais NinContinue reading “Love In The Time Of COVID-19. Online Dating, Alias Construct”

Poetry on the move: What Shall I Wear To Bed Tonight ? Anais Anais, Of Course.

I am in a dreamSitting on a ferryI saw you from the distanceYou joined the crowdI want to look at youTo see you closerTo be a fly on a wallYou walked up to a woman And took her handBegan walking towards meBut I wasn’t thereIt was like I was watchingA moving pictureYou motioned in myContinue reading “Poetry on the move: What Shall I Wear To Bed Tonight ? Anais Anais, Of Course.”

Poetry on the move: At The Ferry Terminal…

At The Ferry TerminalMy non-visit in the city of Ntook place right on timeYou have alerted me in the unsent message and silence magnified five timesWhen I inquired into the stillness You affirmed the weather was funeralAnd your RV needed love and careThe music was calling youBut the plumber suit hanged in the airThe dayContinue reading “Poetry on the move: At The Ferry Terminal…”

From MM’s Diary: My short relationship with a Narcissist

I remember few years ago, sitting at Starbucks, scrolling through articles on Flipboard app, reading some disturbing write-ups giving a personal accounts of dealings with a Narcissist. I recall that afternoon, I was off work, enjoying a quiet moment, waiting for my favourite cup of java, sprinkled with cinnamon and nutmeg on top.I was entertainingContinue reading “From MM’s Diary: My short relationship with a Narcissist”

Poetry on the move…Chocolate Pretzel

Chocolate Pretzel Poem Spicy love note…Well seasoned With red peppers, hot chiliesBhut JolokiaI am on fireBurning flame ……..I read your note thoroughlyagain and againStill don’t recognize the condimentCayenne pepper?Black pepper?Sri Lankan curry?I keep guessing your intentionsDouble meaningtriple meaning! Tasteless…Missing basic ingredient –SaltHimalayan Crystal SaltCravings out of control…Chocolate pretzel… I wrote this poemat StarbucksPeanut Butter Chocolate CupcakeCravingsMore!Continue reading “Poetry on the move…Chocolate Pretzel”

Poetry on the move…Oh messy rose

Messy rose Oh messy rose,Oh messy roseYour petals all wrinkled in foldsYour center concealedTrue nature as shieldAll in disarraySo beautiful Oh, no… It’s peonies! MM, April 9th, 2012 I remember when I wrote it back in 2012. I felt vulnerable, trying to conceal something inside of myself, but I wonder if I succeeded.

Leave Your Burdens Here, series 1

It was two days before my birthday and full moon in Libra, when I suddenly felt, the energy around my recent connection was shifting. I was no longer going to accommodate my person’s sloppiness in communicating with me, lack of consideration, bunch of excuses, no matter how valid the reasons were. There is a differenceContinue reading “Leave Your Burdens Here, series 1”